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Statutory information can be found in this area including, Pupil Premium expenditure, our latest OFSTED inspection, end of key stage results and policies.


Take a look at our school prospectus:

Prospectus July 2018


Phase 2 building works


Phase 2 building plans have been submitted. Take a look at the plans or visit the website to:


STEBP2-IW-XX-XX-DR-A-0003_Consultation Board 03 P4


STEBP2-IW-XX-XX-DR-A-0004_Consultation Board 04 P4


STEBP2-IW-XX-XX-DR-A-0001_Consultation Board 01 P4


STEBP2-IW-XX-XX-DR-A-0002_Consultation Board 02 P4


Letter to Stebbing PS residents


Pupil Premium

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OfsTED Rating: Good

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Key Stage results 2018


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