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Our move to adopt the Montessori methods was instigated by two opportunities facing the school; a falling pupil roll and the publication of  “Excellence and Enjoyment – A Strategy for Primary Schools” January 2003 which gave us the freedom to look at our curriculum anew.


Initially we had mixed feelings about the Montessori methods and couldn’t see how a “nursery” approach could impact on a traditional, state funded, primary school.  Once we researched it further, it was apparent that best practice in both educational spheres was very similar. We started the development slowly in our reception class in 2006 and three years later we can finally state that we are a Montessori school throughout, from reception to year 6.What has evolved is a broad and balanced curriculum which has a unique blend of the National Curriculum being taught through varied topics, and core subjects. This leads to independent learners, who take on responsibility for both themselves and the environment around them. The children are expected to organise themselves, communicate in an appropriate fashion and to challenge themselves to extend their learning.


It has been recognised by The Montessori Schools Association that we have fulfilled their criteria for accreditation. This means that we have a Montessori ethos throughout the school, evidenced by our “family” atmosphere, our use of our exceptional natural surroundings and the calm and respectful way that all members of the school community try and conduct themselves.

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We are due to have a further re-accreditation visit over the next few months.

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