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Meet The Team



Miss Mawson – Headteacher (on maternity leave from September 2021)

Assistant Headteachers – (Acting Headteachers from September 2021)

Mrs Clayden – Assistant Headteacher – Maths and Geography Leader

Mr Le Masurier – Assistant Headteacher – English, PE and Educational Visits Leader


Special Educational Needs Team

MIss Rudkin – Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Dr Holland – SEN Assistant


Class Total in class Year groups Staff  





Miss Summers (Class Teacher – Maternity Leave)

Mrs Styant (Class Teacher)

Miss Osborne (TA)

Mrs Thorp (SEN Support TA)

Mrs Wigmore (SEN Support TA)


Year 1

Mrs Lonnen-Smith (Class Teacher)

Mrs Radford (HLTA)

Mrs Gormer (SEN Support TA)


Year 2

Miss Fifield (Class Teacher)

Mrs Rodgers (TA)

Ms Hutchinson (1:1 and SEN Support TA)

Mrs Murphy (1:1 and SEN Support TA)




Year 3


Mrs Hammond (Class Teacher)

Miss Rodgers (TA)

Miss Gypps (1:1 TA)

Mrs Pickering (1:1 TA)

Kestrels   Year 4

Mr Pickering (Class Teacher)

Ms Brandon (TA)

Mrs Hutchinson (1:1 TA)

Ospreys   Year 5

Mrs Sando (Class Teacher)

Mrs Capon (HLTA)

Mrs Blackley (1:1 TA)

Owls   Year 6

Mr Le Masurier (Assistant Headteacher) 3 days

Mrs Clayden (Assistant Headteacher) 2 days

Mrs Brinkley (TA)

Mrs Mehmet (TA)

Dr Holland (SEN Support TA)

Mrs Mayne (1:1 TA)


Mrs James – Office Manager

Mrs Gustavina – Admin Assistant

Mrs Pertwee – Finance Assistant


Miss Alger – Forest School Leader


Mr Radford – Caretaker


Miss Peacock – Cook

Miss Bissett – Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs Hiskey – Midday Assistant


Woody – School dog


Meet the Staff

Have a read of the teacher bios below written by children at Stebbing Primary School. Portraits coming soon…


Miss Mawson

Headteacher – currently on maternity leave

Miss Mawson is the headteacher of Stebbing Primary School


Miss Mawson was a student teacher in 2005 at Stebbing. She then went on to be a teacher in reception and year 1. Miss Mawson loved teaching in the early years and having the opportunity to see children grow and develop so much when they start school. Throughout her time at Stebbing, she has taught in Woodpeckers class and Kingfishers class before becoming Head of School and now Headteacher. She is responsible for assessment, children/everyone and the day-to-day running of the school. She loves being the Headteacher at Stebbing Primary and always looks forward to the challenges and successes it brings!


Miss Mawson’s favourite subject to teach is maths and her hobbies include swimming with Luna and gardening. Miss Mawson loves shopping and travelling to lots of different places. She loves America, Dubai and Italy as well.


Luna is Miss Mawson’s daughter. She loves taking her to special places like the zoo, the seaside and the farm. Miss Mawson has two cats named Duchess and Toulouse after the Aristocats film characters.  Miss Mawson’s favourite food is Lasagne. She also loves ice cream and chocolate as special treats every now and then.


Miss Summers

Wrens – reception

Miss Summers is our reception teacher at Stebbing Primary School. She joined in 2016 and her favourite subject to teach is phonics. Her responsibilities include: phonics, geography, design and technology and running the school council. 


Miss Summers has faced many challenges in her lifetime so far such as: studying early years at university and writing her dissertation, completing her Montessori qualification and becoming a teacher!

Miss Summers loves disney! She has been to Disneyland Paris and Disneyworld Florida with her family, she also watches tons of Disney films. Miss Summers loves exploring. Miss Summers supports West Ham football team and loves going to the matches with her dad at the London Stadium. Miss Summers also enjoys swimming and loves exercising. 


She has two sisters Emily (her younger sister) and Nancy (her older sister). Miss Summers loves going to Nandos with Nancy and she loves to eat ketchup on every meal!


Mrs Lonnen-Smith

Robins – year 1

Mrs Lonnen-Smith teaches Robins class (year 1) and is a lovely, caring and kind teacher. Mrs Lonnen-Smith has been working at the school since 2018 when she covered for Miss Langley’s maternity leave, then in 2020 became a teacher at Stebbing. Mrs Lonnen-Smith is responsible for RE and Art but loves to teach many other subjects. Mrs Lonnen-Smith loves to do gardening, studying new things, arts and crafts and loves to watch Formula 1 racing.


Mrs Lonnen-Smith is also interested in nature, education, autism and Disney. She has many pets at home: 2 dogs, 3 cats and a rabbit called Peter but also has some tropical fish. Mrs Lonnen-Smith loves Nikki’s school dinners and her favourites are the sausage rolls and also the roast dinners. As well as Nicky’s school dinners, she loves to eat pie and also likes mozzarella cheese.



Miss Fifield

Kingfishers – year 2

Miss Fifield joined our Stebbing family in 2020. She is a pretty and amazing teacher in Woodpeckers class and she enjoys teaching history, PE and likes trying new things like surfing and loves hiking at the weekend. She absolutely loves spending time with her friends and family and loves exploring somewhere new.


Her pet is a dandelion-yellow labrador and she has 7 wonderful brothers. Her favourite food is a medium-rare steak. The hardest challenge of her life was when she was qualifying to be a teacher at university.


We think the lovely Miss Fifield is a great addition to our friendly Stebbing family .


Miss Langley- currently on maternity leave

Miss Langley is a very inspiring, positive and thoughtful teacher and has been working at Stebbing Primary in Kingfishers class with year two since 2015. She is the head of Science, Miss Langley’s favourite subject to teach is English because she likes a variety of children’s story books.

Miss Langley’s favourite thing to do is run long distances; one of her biggest achievements is running the Stebbing 10 (which is a ten mile run in Stebbing) and she has also run the London Marathon. She also likes HIIT training. Her favourite food is chocolate and she also loves going on fun days out with Ella.


As well as Ella (who is Miss Langley’s daughter), she also lives with Jim (her fiance). Miss Langley loves to share her knowledge with other pupils. Overall, Miss Langley is a lovely teacher and a great role model for all children in our school.


Mrs Hammond

Woodpeckers – year 3

Mrs Hammond is our year 3 teacher in Woodpeckers. Mrs Hammond has been at Stebbing Primary School since september 2019 and is head of Science with Miss Langley, but her favourite subject to teach is maths.


In her spare time, Mrs Hammond enjoys going to tap dancing, zumba, street dance and spending time with her 2 children. The biggest challenge that Mrs Hammond has faced was changing schools after being a maths subject leader.


Mrs Hammond’s interests are baking and interior design; she has a lovely fashion sense as she loves to wear snazzy hairbands and wears glasses. Mrs Hammond loves Italian food, so when pizza is on the menu at school – you know what she is going to have.


Mrs Hammond is really kind, clever and friendly and is a great teacher. She is a great addition to our Stebbing family.


Mrs Smith – currently on maternity leave

Mrs Smith teaches Kestrels (year 4) at Stebbing Primary School. She is a kind, caring and cheerful teacher, who makes you smile all the time. Mrs Smith has been at the school for around 8 years but has only been a teacher since 2016. Mrs Smith is in charge of History and Computing and her favourite subject to teach is History as she likes children to learn about the past and pre-historic buildings. 


Mrs Smith loves playing board games!! She also enjoys going to the zoo; her favourite animals to see are the otters as they are very dexterous and interesting. In enrichment, she teaches computing. Mrs Smith’s biggest achievement in her life was moving away to university and getting her degree, along with making lots of friends. Her most embarrassing moment was from two plays at Stebbing. One when she was a child and fell over on the stage while she was dressed in tinsel, and another when she was a teacher and got called up to join in with the panto on her birthday. And dressed up in silly clothes and the characters threw coco pops everywhere! When she was a child, she used to go to Stebbing Primary School so is used to the environment of the school.


Mrs Smith has two two cats called Bella and Bo. They are sisters and work together to get whatever they want! Her favourite food is Chinese and Thai food but has a sweet tooth. She is a part of the Stebbing family and is overall the kindest and funniest teacher ever!


Mrs Taylor

Kestrels/Ospreys – year 4/year 5

Mrs. Taylor is an amazing, helpful and a kind teacher. She has been working here at Stebbing Primary since 2006, she specialises in P.E. Her favourite sports are: cycling, running, and football (she supports Man City.) Mrs. Taylor comes in to teach on Mondays all day and works in year 5 in Ospreys. She loves to be outside whatever the weather and loves a nice cooked lunch from Nikki (the school cook.) Mrs. Taylor is a very supportive member of staff, and takes on singing assemblies.


Mrs Clayden

Assistant Headteacher – Owls – year 6 (Acting Headteacher)

Mrs Clayden is an Assistant Headteacher and teaches Owls – year 6. She has been teaching since 2009. Mrs. Clayden is also head of maths and e-safety and her favourite subjects are maths and geography.


Mrs. Clayden loves sports such as running, cycling and watersports; she even goes to ((BOUNCE)). She also likes gardening and reading and loves to travel. Mrs Clayden’s favourite things to watch are gripping Netflix series’ and nobody loves organising more than her.


Mrs. Clayden lives in Stebbing with her husband, Kris, and her two children Kody and Isabelle who both attend our school. She loves Thai food especially pad thai and she loves going out to restaurants and digging into a nice meal on holiday. The  hardest challenge she has ever faced was running the Stebbing ten… TWICE! The first time she completed it she hadn’t been running very long and the second time she was injured and to this day she still doesn’t know how she crossed the finish line. 


In conclusion, Mrs. Clayden is one of the best teachers you could ask for as she is kind, funny, caring, smart and we couldn’t ask for anything better.


Mr Le Masurier

Assistant Headteacher – Owls – year 6 (Acting Headteacher)

Mr Le Masurier is a fun, kind, responsible and overall a very good addition to Stebbing Primary school. Mr Le Masurier used to teach earlier years but now he teaches year 6. He was a TA in Owls class in 2012 and started as a trainee teacher in Kestrels in 2013. In 2014, Mr Le Masurier became a fully qualified teacher in Woodpeckers class teaching year 3 & 4. A couple of years later, Mr Le Masurier became a teacher in Owls class and has stayed there ever since.


Mr Le Masurier has lots of responsibilities such as being an Assistant Headteacher. The subjects that he is responsible for are: English, PE and he is also our  educational visits coordinator as well as being an amazing, inspirational sports and PE teacher! Mr Le Masurier loves to wear his snazzy socks and loves to wear his comfortable PE clothes! Mr Le Masurier’s favourite subjects to teach are PE and science. He loves to do experiments and share fun PE sessions with everyone. He loves everything active: going for bike rides, running, swimming in lakes, long weekend walks with Woody and of course playing lots of sports!


When he is not working or playing sports, you will find him gardening as he loves to look after his lovely garden! Mr Le Masurier’s favourite holiday destinations are: Canada for skiing & Snowboarding, Sri Lanka and South Africa. His most embarrassing moment was when he was a trainee teacher and he was kicking a football on the slippery astroturf in winter and he slipped over in front of the whole school! Mr Le Masurier’s favourite colours are blue and yellow (which are actually our school colours!)


Mr Le Masurier has 3 pets, a dog, and 2 cats. His dog is called Woody, you will see him quite often as he’s our school dog! We have dog ambassadors that refill his water bowl and do everything to take care of him during the school day! He is a Cavapoo, and very, very friendly! His 2 cats are called Milo and Coco who are adorable! Mr Le Masurier also helped create our new rabbit run for them and a whole new area, so he has a lot to do with our school rabbits, Oreo and Caramel. One of Mr Le Masurier’s achievements is completing the 10 mile run in Stebbing five years in a row. Once in school uniform, once in school PE kit and once in an inflatable unicorn costume!  Overall, Mr L is a fantastic, fun and sporty teacher that will make you smile everyday. 


Mr Bosch

Music teacher

Mr Bosch is a fantastic music teacher. He always plays his instruments perfectly and shows his many talents. He is really inspirational, he teaches every year group in Stebbing Primary on different days and different times. Mr Bosch has been teaching music in Stebbing Primary for over 11 years and is still going! Mr Bosch is really funny and tells lots of jokes to make the children laugh, he lets us show off on instruments we know how to play. He teaches the children very well with listening and understanding music. The children work very well in class groups to impress Mr Bosch. He can teach children if they do not understand how to play the instruments properly. He works in other schools other than Stebbing Primary, which boosts his confidence in teaching music. He is also in a band which makes makes him an official musician. Mr Bosch likes canoeing as well as teaching children how to play music.

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