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Meet The Team



Miss Mawson – Headteacher

Mrs Clayden – Assistant Headteacher – Maths Leader

Mr Le Masurier – Assistant Headteacher – English, PE and Educational Visits Leader


Special Educational Needs Team

Mrs Chamberlain – Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Dr Holland – SENCO Assistant


Class Total in class Year groups Staff  





Miss Summers (Class Teacher) (School Council and Humanities Leader)

Miss Osborne (TA)

Mrs Earle (TA)

Robins 23

Year 1

Mrs Lonnen-Smith (Class Teacher) (RE Leader)

Mrs Radford (HLTA)

Ms Hutchinson (1:1 TA)

Mrs Murphy (1:1 TA)

Kingfishers 22

Year 2

Miss Langley (Class Teacher) (Science Leader)

Mrs Hammond (Class Teacher) (Science Leader)

Mrs Rodgers (TA)

Miss Bissett (1:1 TA)

Miss Francis (1:1 TA)

Miss Gypps (1:1 TA)

Mrs Murphy (1:1 TA)

Mrs Pickering (1:1 TA)

Woodpeckers 21

Year 3





Miss Fifield (Class Teacher)

Miss Rodgers (TA)

Mrs Harrison (1:1 TA)

Ms Hutchinson (1:1 TA)

Kestrels 18

Year 4

Mrs Smith (Class Teacher) (Humanities Subject Leader)

Mrs Capon (HLTA)

Mrs Blackley (1:1 TA)

Ospreys 26

Year 5


Mrs Clayden (Assistant Headteacher – 4 days per week) (Maths Leader )

Mrs Taylor (Class Teacher – 1 day per week)

Mrs Sando (Trainee teacher)

Mrs Mehmet (TA)

Ms Brandon (TA)

Mrs Mayne (1:1 TA)

Miss Michael (1:1 TA)

Owls 14 Year 6

Mr Le Masurier (Assistant Headteacher) (English and PE  Leader)

Mrs Brinkley (TA)

Mrs Cox (1:1 TA)

Dr Holland (TA)


Mrs James – Office Manager

Mrs Gustavina – Admin Assistant


Miss Alger – Forest School Leader


Miss Peacock – Cook

Miss Bissett – Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs Hiskey – Midday Assistant

Mrs Osborn – Midday Assistant


Woody – School dog

Oreo and Caramel – School rabbits


Meet the Staff

Have a read of the teacher bios below written by children at Stebbing Primary School. Portraits coming soon…


Miss Mawson

Miss Mawson is the Headteacher. she has been at the school since 2005, when she was a student teacher. 


She taught Wrens for a long time, then Woodpeckers and Kingfishers for not such a long time. Miss Mawson loved teaching in the early years and having the opportunity to see children grow and develop so much when they start school.


In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, looking after her cats, and trying different restaurants. Her favourite subject to teach is maths. Her biggest challenge at school has been to come out of the classroom and not teach a class anymore.


She is responsible for assessment, children/everyone and the day-to-day running of the school. She loves being the Headteacher at Stebbing Primary and always looks forward to the challenges and successes it brings!



Mrs Chamberlain


Mrs Chamberlain is a excellent person who is kind and understanding towards everyone in the school.

She is the SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) of Stebbing Primary School. She has been teaching here for 15 years and gone through years foundation stage,1 ,2, 3, 4 and 5; she also teaches art. The subjects she is responsible for are: Art and Design, Design Technology and PSHE (personal, social,health & emotional) . Out of school she enjoys reading (she reads lots of informative books) and travelling (she went round the world before she started teaching). She also enjoys painting, spending time with her family of 3 children and husband. The challenges she has overcome are moving from class teacher to full on SENCO, becoming a parent, learning to meet a wide variety of children’s needs, having her kids in the same class/school and learning to understand the needs of her daughter with additional needs. Mrs Chamberlain is looking forward to welcoming  new children in September and helping to move the School forward in new and exciting ways.


Miss Summers

Wrens – reception

Miss Summers teaches reception in Wrens. She has been a teacher at Stebbing since 2016.  Miss Summers really enjoys teaching maths and topic lessons.  Personal interests of hers are: shopping, reading, Disney and eating ketchup with every meal, but it has to be Heinz. Miss Summers and Mrs Smith are our Humanities subject leaders which means they are responsible for Geography and History.  She also runs the school council. 
Miss Summers has overcome some great challenges in her life. Some of these are, going on loop the loop roller-coasters and her dissertation at university. Overall Miss Summers is a fun teacher and a great teacher for your first year at Stebbing Primary School!


Miss Langley

Kingfishers – year 2

Ever since Miss Langley became a teacher ( three years ago) there has been a spring in everyone’s step. Miss Langley enjoys running long distances and she shares her knowledge with eager pupils of all ages. Did you know Miss Langley does a lot of work for charity, recently she ran the Stebbing ten (which is a 10 mile run in stebbing) along side Mr Le Masurier, a wonderful teacher, and Mrs Taylor, a very helpful teacher. They decided to run in inflatable unicorn outfits for a TA’s sick daughter. She also did the London Marathon and got the medal! All teachers have a responsibility for a subject, Miss Langley’s subject is Science and she really enjoys teaching it. She also runs the school choir which is a club that’s made for children who love singing. Miss Langley is a friend to all the teachers and a role model to all the children as she is very kind and supportive of everything you learn.


Mrs Hammond

Kingfishers – year 2

Mrs Hammond has been a teacher for 11 years. She has worked at Stebbing school since September 2019. At her last school Mrs Hammond used to be the Maths subject leader but she now helps Miss Langley with Science. Mrs Hammond teaches in Kingfishers with Miss Langley and Mrs Rodgers.


In her spare time, Mrs Hammond enjoys tap dancing, zumba and street dancing. She also likes to spend time with her children who are 1 and 3 years old.


Mrs Hammond likes to wear snazzy hairbands and wears glasses. She is good at reminding us what we are learning next and is a lovely teacher. So far, Mrs Hammond has really enjoyed teaching at Stebbing school and hopes to stay for many years.


Mrs Smith

Kestrels – year 4

Mrs Smith teaches Kestrels and is a happy and cheerful teacher. She has been at this school for 7 years but she has only been a teacher for 4. Mrs Smith is responsible for Humanities with Miss Summers. Her favourite subject is English. She absolutely loves board games! She even does a club in school and plays them with her friends out of school too! When she was a child she went to this school for her primary school years! She was challenged with science at first but now she is very confident with it.


Mrs Clayden

Assistant Headteacher – Ospreys – year 5

Mrs Clayden is an energetic, kind teacher who puts a smile on everyone’s face. She teaches Kestrels, year 4&5. Mrs Clayden is one of our Assistant Headteachers and is in charge of Maths and computing. She also enjoys teaching Science. She has a husband and 2 children both of whom attend our school. She enjoys spending time with her family and going out for dinner. She also likes running and going to ((BOUNCE)). Over the years Mrs Clayden has skillfully educated many students and overcome many challenges a few of them being becoming a parent and managing her time well. In the coming year Mrs Clayden is looking forward to finding new and exciting methods to teach children.
Overall Mrs Clayden is a fun and helpful teacher who has been teaching at Stebbing for 10 years and has thoroughly improved the lives of many children. She is an awesome teacher.


Mrs Taylor

Ospreys – Year 5

Mrs. Taylor is an amazing, helpful and a kind teacher. She has been working here at Stebbing Primary since 2006, she specialises in P.E. Her favourite sports are: cycling, running, and football (she supports Man City.) Mrs. Taylor comes in to teach on Mondays all day and works in year 5 in Ospreys. She loves to be outside whatever the weather and loves a nice cooked lunch from Nikki (the school cook.) Mrs. Taylor is a very supportive member of staff, and takes on singing assemblies.


Mr Le Masurier

Assistant Headteacher – Owls – Year 6

Mr Le Masurier is a confident, kind teacher who first started as a TA at Stebbing in 2012. After working as a TA for a year he trained to become a teacher and now works full time at Stebbing. He now works as year 6 teacher and previously taught year 3/4.  All teachers are dedicated to different subjects and Mr Le Masurier’s subjects are English, PE and he is in charge of all of the sports clubs at the school. He enjoys sports such as football, cycling (he once cycled all the way from Scotland to Surrey), running and swimming. Mr Le Masurier is responsible for our school dog Woody and our two rabbits Oreo and Caramel. 


Mr Bosch

Music teacher

Mr Bosch is a fantastic music teacher. He always plays his instruments perfectly and shows his many talents. He is really inspirational, he teaches every year group in Stebbing Primary on different days and different times. Mr Bosch has been teaching music in Stebbing Primary for over 11 years and is still going! Mr Bosch is really funny and tells lots of jokes to make the children laugh, he lets us show off on instruments we know how to play. He teaches the children very well with listening and understanding music. The children work very well in class groups to impress Mr Bosch. He can teach children if they do not understand how to play the instruments properly. He works in other schools other than Stebbing Primary, which boosts his confidence in teaching music. He is also in a band which makes makes him an official musician. Mr Bosch likes canoeing as well as teaching children how to play music.

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