At Stebbing Primary our classes are named after birds. 


Wrens - Reception

Robins - Year 1

Kingfishers - Year 2

Woodpeckers - Year 3

Kestrels - Year 4

Ospreys - Year 5

Owls - Year 6


Below you will see each of our bird logos for the different classes. Click on the link below to head to your class. There are important documents that you may need throughout the year that you can access on your class page.


At Stebbing, we hold lots of exciting events throughout the year for our whole school to enjoy. We understand, that for some of the children at the school, these events may be overwhelming. In order to prepare all of our children for these events, we have created a series 'Stebbing Special Event Stories' to share with your children in the build up to the event. This will ensure all children are aware of what to expect. Please see the list of 'Stebbing Special Event Stories' below which we will continue to add to throughout the year: 



Our STEPS Challenge Award

At Stebbing Primary we have a special awards programme which runs from Reception to Year 6. Children are encouraged to complete a range of different challenges. 


These relate to activites completed at home, in the local community and at school. Once all of the challenges have been completed on their challenge cards they are awarded a special badge in assembly to celebrate their achievements.


We hope that parents will actively get involved to support their children to achieve each step as they progress through the school.

Download your challenge here or visit your class page...
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