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COVID-19 UPDATE 6.1.2021


Dear parents, 


We are moving to a remote learning offer from Thursday 7th January. The government has instructed all schools to remain open to provide in-school provision for those pupils deemed vulnerable and those critical worker families who have no alternative care for their children. As a reminder, childcare bubbles are still permitted in this lockdown so if this is an option please let me know as soon as possible so that your request for a place can be amended. We are also keen to offer part-time provision wherever possible. There is no requirement that children should be in school full-time if they can be at home for part of the time. I am sure you are aware that we are very keen to limit the number of people who are required to be in school and at present the safest place to be is at home. If during the lockdown your situation changes and you no longer require in-school provision please let us know as soon as possible. It is paramount that I work hard to protect your child; your wider family; our staff and their families. I urge you to consider is it absolutely essential that your child attend school? If a parent is at home and can care for your child then your child should be at home. 


Children in receipt of free school meals and school lunch for those children in school:


Free school meal vouchers will be reinstated for those families who qualify. Further details will be sent to you in due course. Our school kitchen will be closed. All children will be required to bring a packed lunch, water bottle, and a break-time snack to school.


Remote-learning provision:


On Thursday 7th January teachers invite you to join a Google MEET to learn more about the Remote learning offer being provided during this lockdown. Our teachers worked tirelessly last time to provide the best provision possible, however, we have made some adaptations and improved the offer. Therefore it would be beneficial to join the Google Meet to learn more about the technology that will be used. Should you have any queries the chat function will be available for you to ask questions during the sessions. However, if you struggle to access the chat function then please use the email addresses below to contact your child’s class team. The Google Meets are open for both parent and child to attend so that pupils can learn what will be expected too. There will be no paper-based resources send home this time. 


We have spread these through the morning so that if you have more than one child in school you are able to join all Meets. 


9-9.30 – Google classroom session for the whole school led by Mr Le Masurier Whole School Google Meet Link 

9.30-10 – Wrens led by Miss Summers – Wrens’ Google Meet Link 

10-10.30 – Robins led by Mrs Lonnen-Smith – Robins’ Google Meet Link

10.30-11 – Kingfishers led by Mrs Hammond – Kingfishers Google Meet Link

11-11.30 – Woodpeckers led by Miss Fifield – Woodpeckers Google Meet Link 

11.30-12 – Kestrels led by Mrs Smith – Kestrels’ Google Meet Link 

12-12.30 – Ospreys led by Mrs Clayden –  Ospreys’ Google Meet

12.30-1 – Owls led by Mr Le Masurier – Owls’ Google Meet


Please note on Thursday 7th January and Friday 8th January children will be required to access remote learning work via our website

Live learning and the full remote learning offer will begin on Monday 11th January. This is to give all families an opportunity to get prepared with technology and for pupils to have time to familiarise themselves with Google Classroom.


In-school provision for critical worker and vulnerable families:


The government has instructed schools to remain open for small numbers of pupils. When pupils are onsite they will be accessing the same remote learning offer as those children at home. The work will not look different for children in school. It is going to be challenging for staff to juggle both aspects and we aim to ensure the education of all children during this time is the best it possibly can be. 


Pupils in school will be required to socially distance. They will have desks laid out 2 metres apart and a set of resources to use during their time in school. 


Please limit the belongings brought to school. They will only need their water bottle, packed lunch, break-time snack and coat. 


We have been informed that there is no requirement to provide Universal infant free-school meals. However, if your child is in receipt of pupil premium (free school meals) you will receive vouchers shortly.


There is no requirement to wear school uniform and we ask that children come to school each day in fresh, clean, weather-appropriate clothing. 


When your child arrives at school they will be required to wait on a spot in the front playground and a member of staff will come to greet them. The school day will run from 8.45-3pm. Please limit the number of people who come onto the school site. We ask, where possible, that just one adult drops off.


When onsite, masks are compulsory for all visitors and we ask that all adults coming onto our school site wear a mask when dropping off or picking up their child. If you forget your mask please telephone the school office  and remain off-site until you make contact with the school who will advise on the best course of action. 


It is likely your child will not be in their usual classroom as they will be in a bubble of mixed-age pupils. The adults taking the sessions each day will vary and may not be familiar to the children. Please ensure your child is prepared for this so that they know that they may not have their usual teachers. Staff will not be able to take children from a parent, they must be able to walk into school on their own.


Staff may be wearing visors or masks during the day and we ask that you ensure your child is aware of this so that they are prepared. 


Our school kitchen will be closed. All children are required to bring a packed lunch, water bottle and a break-time snack.




3 main symptoms include – a new continuous cough, loss of taste/smell, high temperature.


If your child or a household member develops any of these symptoms you must not come to school. Please contact 119 for a test and self-isolate.


It is imperative that you contact the school as soon as possible if your child tests positive as this will result in us notifying all close contacts so that they can self-isolate. If a member of your household tests positive you MUST ALL SELF-ISOLATE. 


There are more and more reports emerging about the symptoms children may exhibit which aren’t one of the most common. If you are in any doubt, PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL AND SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE. This is to protect all children and the staff at school. 


From Monday 11th January:


For reception (Wrens) parents will be asked to upload any work and evidence to Tapestry as this will form part of their online portfolio of evidence for the spring term. The staff will then make a comment via this platform. 


Children will be using Google Classroom to access their learning and from year 1 up submit their work to the adults in their class. A comment to show the work has been received will be made by one of the adults in the class. To access Google Classroom, teachers will send a joining code via Class Dojo. 


All work (year 1 and up) must be submitted via Google Classroom. Please don’t email teachers with work or evidence as this proved incredibly challenging to keep track of. We hope that by using one place for everything to be stored will ensure that work doesn’t get missed or lost. Your scheduled Google Meet  sessions with your teacher will give you further guidance on how to use this technology if you are unfamiliar. I would strongly encourage pupils and parents (year 1 up)  to join Mr Le Masurier’s Google classroom session to learn more about this. 


As mentioned, the teachers have planned to introduce live learning sessions this time. These will be held via Google Meet and the same access code will be required for the duration of the lockdown period. It is vital that your child accesses these sessions by using their school email address. For our reception and key stage 1 pupils this will be the first time they have had access to their addresses. This will be explained during your Google Meet with your child’s class teacher.  If you are unsure of your child’s log in details  these will be shared via Dojo over the next day. 


If you are unable to join any of  the live learning sessions during lockdown, then these will be recorded and can be accessed at any point that suits. This will be discussed in due course and made clear how to access these.


Please see a copy of our online learning timetable below which will begin from Monday 11th January:

A daily/weekly timetable will be shared via Class Dojo so that pupils and parents can plan their week and know what is coming up. We have tried to minimise as much as possible any crossover times for pupils from the same family. However, this wasn’t completely unavoidable. The Google live timetable shares when each class can log on. 


Online etiquette is important and we have worked hard with children to ensure they are aware of some of these features (appropriate to their age and understanding). This useful visual may be something that you wish to share with your child before the start of live sessions next week. This may also be used by the teachers to reiterate the key messages. 


Contacting your child’s class team:

During this lockdown we ask that you use the following email addresses to contact your child’s class team. This will ensure that if teachers are unable to respond another member of the team will be checking and get back to you. Please limit the amount of emails sent and check our website and Class Dojo for answers to your queries before emailing. Staff from your child’s class will be contactable from 8.45-3pm each day should you need to email them. 










Additional whole-school activities:

We are very fortunate to have such a talented group of staff at Stebbing Primary and they are going to use their expertise to provide various activities spread throughout the week. These are likely to be pre-recorded videos or activities which will be shared via Class Dojo. Each day something different will be shared that the children may choose to get involved with:


Monday:  Mr Bosch’s music activity

Tuesday:  Miss Honeybee’s Forest School Activity

Wednesday:  Mr Le Masurier’s ‘Beat The Teacher’ challenge & Mrs Radford French activity. 

Thursday: Mrs Smith’s computing challenge.

Friday: Mrs Mehmet’s Art Attack & A cook-along with Mrs Taylor. 


Plus there will certainly be a challenge or two from Mr Le Masurier along the way!


Whole school assemblies:


Whole school assemblies will be offered each day and can be accessed here: Whole School Google Meet Link. As always, please join the link from your child’s Google account. 


Monday – Miss Mawson 9-9.15am 

Tuesday – Physically Active with Mr L (9-9:15)

Wednesday – Miss Mawson 9-9.15am 

Thursday – Physically Active with Mr L (9-9:15)

Friday – Celebration assembly 9-9.15am


We appreciate that many of our families are working families who during this lockdown are not only required to support their children with home learning but also work themselves. We want to provide your child with the best possible education during this time, but it is not a time to add heaps of pressure onto what already could be a very busy household. Please just do what works for your family. We would love every child to be engaged with every activity but understand that pressures may not allow this. However, we hope that families can access as much as possible and what works from them. We are here to support as much as we possibly can. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. 


Remote learning summary:

  • Please join Mr Le Masurier’s Google Classroom session or watch the recording at a time which suits you.
  • Please join your child’s Google Meet to hear more about how the remote learning offer will look for your child.
  • From Robins (year 1 up) please look out for the Google Classroom access code sent via the class page on Class Dojo.
  • For reception ensure you have log in details which work for Tapestry. 
  • Thursday 7th January and Friday 8th January. Access the remote learning offer on our website if you would like your child to complete work on these days. 
  • From Monday 11th January the full remote learning offer will be available.
  • Access the daily/weekly timetables posted on your child’s Class Dojo page.
  • Take a look at the whole school activities on offer via Class Dojo.
  • Join our daily assembly here:


I hope this information gives you all of the detail you require for the coming weeks. 

Kind regards, 


Miss Mawson






We have been asked by the School Nurse team to pass on the contact number to all parents regarding support that Uttlesford District Council is offering regarding food order collection & delivery – prescription collection & delivery and a telephone befriending / buddying service.  Families can phone  03333 408218.


Should you need to contact the School Nurse team for any other reason the number to call is 0300 247 0122.



Key documents

Please find documents below which may be of use to you


Child Protection Policy




Remote Education Provision – information for parents – January 2021


Remote education provision information for parents January 2021


COVID-19 Catch-up Premium Plan


COVID-19 Catch up Plan 2020-2021


Child-friendly explanation of Coronavirus


Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus.pdf.pdf.pdf


Coronavirus Social Story


Staying safe online


We recognise that the majority of children will not be physically attending school and that it is likely they will be spending longer periods of time online, which may increase their vulnerability.  

The breadth of issues within online safety is considerable. It can be categorised into three main areas of risk:

  • Content – exposure to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material. For example, pornography, fake news, racist or radical and extremist views;
  • Contact – subjection to harmful online interaction with other users. For example, commercial advertising and adults posing as children or young adults;
  • Conduct – personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes, harm. For example, making, sending and receiving explicit images, or online bullying.

It is important for parents to be vigilant about their child’s online activity and to inform the school of any concerns they may have about their child in this respect.  Take a look at some of the resources and websites below which have educational information about staying safe online. 


Safer Internet  ​


List of Online Safety Resources 1.04.20


Stebbing Primary Online Learning Code of Conduct


Direct Link to

GoGo and Gee-Jay Return to School

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